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10 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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When your friend shares the exciting news that she’s having a baby, there are probably lots of hugs and happy tears to go around. Next comes finding a baby gift - one that’s thoughtful unique, and useful for your friend and baby.  Ask any expectant Mom and she’ll let you know that the last thing she needs is more bottles or swaddle blankets. Unique car seat covers, on the other hand, fill that sweet spot of practical and cute.

As you decide what to get, you’ll want to think about your friend and her partner and what they’d appreciate as new parents. Are they design-savvy? Eco-conscious? Sentimental? Do they love travel? All of these things can help guide you in the right direction as you come up with spot-on and meaningful baby gift ideas. Here’s our list of practical and unique baby shower gift every mom-to-be really wants:


1. Levi James Fes Cover

This Moroccan textile inspired infant car seat cover is designed without wanderlust mamas in mind. The unique car seat covers are multifunctional and can also be worn as a nursing cover.

2. Rose and Rex Croissant Teether

We've got brunch on the brain with this croissant teether! The stylish, eco-friendly, and all natural teether nurture’s baby’s budding senses, without any toxins or chemicals!

3. J. Southern Studio Nursery Cleansing Ritual Kit

Help the mama to be cleanse and purify the energy in the baby's nursery - pre-baby arrival, or post toddler temper tantrum! This adorable kit comes with all the essentials to seal in good energies, promote peace and pleasant sleep, and amplify positive energy.

4. Electik Kidz Mermaid Sleepsack

This super cute sleepsack features an easy on/off necklace and ties at the feet for easy access when changing a diaper #lifechanger.

5. Briar Handmade Brimmed Bonnet

This classic rust linen bonnet is sustainably designed with retro vibes and will guarantee that the baby will be the most stylish babe in the park.

6. Gray Label Baby Booties

These raw edged baby booties are ridiculously cute and made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and come in every color that matters. Although the baby may still have months till she walks, booties are a wardrobe must-have.

7. ERGOBABY Original Swaddler

Everyone buys swaddle blankets, but what a new mom needs is a swaddle that’s breathable, comfortable, and keeps baby tucked in just right. Give your friend the gift of sleep because when baby sleeps, your friend can, too.

8. Beaba Snack Container

This is the only container any mama needs; it’s the perfect container for individual servings of formula or snacks on the go. It’s stackable, convenient, and a cute way to take the essentials on the go.

9. Land of Nod Activity Gym

Say bye-bye to the plastic activity gyms and say hello to this luxe wooden frame. This is perfect for the little one to get in a baby workout. Plus, it looks stylish and won’t look like baby paraphernalia is taking over the house.

10. Oeuf Bunny Hoodie

If you’re into buying adorable clothes, then look no further than this cotton hoodie with bunny ears.

We’d love to know, what the most unique baby shower gift you’ve received?

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